Our Staff


Our Administrator, Pastor Anna de Rouwe, is responsible for the administration of the school and the spiritual level in the school.

Pastors Jan and Anna de Rouwe are the founding members of East Rand Christian Academy, now trading as Destiny Kidz & After Care Centre, Destiny Christian Academy and Destiny International Academy.

Pastor Anna is also the ICCE Co-ordinator for Destiny International Academy.

Pastor Jan and Anna de Rouwe are the Pastors of Fountain of Life Church that sponsors East Rand Chritian Academy.


We welcome our new principal Ms Alta Taljaard. She started at Destiny
Christian Academy in February 2018.

She completed her B.Comm degree in Personnel Management (Organizational
Psychology) at the University of Pretoria and have been in Education and
Development for the past 15 years. Of these 15 years, 13 years was in
the ACE Curriculum.

Vice Principal

Our Vice-Principal, Mrs Anitha Kistanna. Mrs. Kistanna has a long history in the teaching profession.

Appart from a Diploma in Education (1976), she holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (1991) and various other Teaching certificates (Foundation Phase).

She served as Deputy Principal at Fordsburg Primary (1997) and served as a Supervisor at Destiny Christian Academy (then ERCA) since 2001. She was our Deputy Principal until March 2013 whereafter she retired and went to the South Coast with her retired husband

We are happy to welcome her back at Destiny Christian Academy as our Deputy Principal. Her experience and knowledge of the ACE system is a huge asset to our school.

Creche Principal

Mrs. Angelique Van Heerden that will be our Crèche Principal as from 1 September 2016. She is a mother of a young son and is a seasoned caregiver. Angelique holds Intec College certificates in;

  1. Starting a Day Care Centre
  2. Child Development,
  3. Health, Safety and Nutrition

Angelique holds a LEVEL 3 S A First Aid Certificate.

Her child care experience started at the AFM Kaleidio care centre – Kids Zone. She was Head of the “Little Angels” Group (aged 3 to 6 years), Grade R teacher at Blinkogies Nursery School in Kempton Park (2004 to 2006) and later also a Grade R teacher at Little Bumblebees in Kempton Park (2008 to 2009). Angelique will be starting our baby section next year (2017) and we look forward to a long and pleasant relationship with Angelique here at Destiny KIDZ.

ADMINISTRATIVE Assistants / Monitors

We have an administrative assistant (Monitor) in every class assisting the Supervisor with administrative tasks and general classroom activities.

We do not have more than 25 students per class, who are taught and overseen by a graduated educator, called a Supervisor, and an administrative assistant, called a Monitor.

We have a new spirit of unity amongst our educators with a united goal towards excellence.


Mrs. Tina Brooks

Grade 1

Mrs. Brooks returned to Destiny C A after some 6 years at home and she is a seasoned Monitor that knows the ACE system.

Welcome back Mrs. Brooks.


Nikita Pieterse

Grade 2

She has been hard at work to make the young ones feel welcome and loved. Nikita is currently busy with her BA Ed. studies through UNISA. Miss Pieterse is also a Netball coach for the Foundation Phase learners.


Mrs. Melanie Brewis

Grade 3

Mrs. Melanie Brewis is our Monitor in the Grade 3 class. Mrs. Brewis is also tasked with the organising of our sport activities.


Mrs. Eleanor Wickens

Grade 4

Mrs. Wickens has been with us for more than 20 years and the young ones respect and love her.


Mrs Michelle Ferreira

Grade 5

Mrs Michelle Ferreira joined us as a monitor in Grade 5 after she has been our office assistant for some time.


Mrs. Mary-Jane Van Aswegen

Grade 6

Mrs. Van Aswegen has now been with us for almost two years and she has proven herself to be a hard worker and has been a very compassionate monitor to our learners.


Miss Precious Ndlovu

Grade 7

Miss. Ndlovu is in her final year of studies towards a BA Education Degree at UNISA. Miss Ndlovu is a soccer coach for the younger ladies.


Mrs. Rose Lekgau

Grade 8

Mrs. Rose Lekgau has been with us for more than 20 years.

Mrs. Lekgau is a very caring and dedicated woman and assists with the coaching of our Junior athletics squad.


Devashinee Pillay

Grade 9

Miss. Pillay has been with us for several years now and her experience in the ACE system and her dedication are just some of her assets. Miss. Pillay is a qualified Soccer, Netball and Table Tennis umpire.


Mrs. Frieda Blem

Grade 10 – 12

Mrs. Frieda Blem is currently furthering her studies towards an Advanced Diploma in Foundation Phase Teaching. She is a trained First Aider (Level 1). Mrs Freda Blem is also active in the After Care centre of our school.


DESTINY KIDZ Nursery School and After Care Centre

Our crèche educators are all qualified to identify children with learning disabilities and behavioural disorders.

We are quick to give or arrange for remedial education when such ailments are identified.

We have recently acquired the services (September 2016) of Mrs. Van Heerden, a highly qualified person to set up of a baby section in our crèche. She will act as our Principal for Destiny KIDZ & After Care Centre. All crèche staff is holders of a Further Education and Training Certificate in Early Childhood Development and other SAQA certificates.

We have big plans for our crèche and 2017 will be the big year of accelerated developments.

Our crèche hours are: 07h00 to 19h00.


Mrs. Du Toit

Crèche Assistant

Mrs. Du Toit joined us in January 2017 as the crèche assistant responsible for our baby section.

Mrs Du Toit has extensive knowledge and experience as a baby caregiver.

Mrs. Du Toit holds a Certificate in Baby & Toddler Caregiving, a Level ! First Aid certificate, a certificate in Infant Massage, a certificate in Childhood Sexual Development and a certificate in Assessment and Evaluation of the Pre-School child.

We are privileged to have Mrs. Du Toit with us.


Mrs. Edith Ulay

Tuck Shop Manager

Mrs. Edith Ulay is our Tuck Shop and crèche dining room manager.

Mrs Ulay is also one of our After Care Centre assistants.

Mrs. Ulay holds a BA Degree in English from a University in the Phillipines.



Ms. Reinette Potgieter, our Grade 0 Educator, is the holder of a BSc IT, degree and a mother of two young children.

She joined Destiny Kidz in 2014 and has been a real mother for, and a blessing to, our Grade 0 students.

In this class we build character and form the foundation on which the other Foundation Phase educators can build.

This is where our foundation of Biblical truth teachings and our commitment to disciplined education of excellence starts.

FOUNDATION PHASE (Grades 1 to 3)

Our Foundation Phase educators are all qualified educators or busy doing a relevant degree through a recognised University.

They are well versed in the training of the young students and are all holders of Foundation Phase Training qualifications. These educators are assisted by well trained and adequately qualified monitors.

Mrs. Kistanna

Specialist Grade 1 Supervisor

Apart from a Diploma in Education (1976), she holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (1991) and various other Teaching certificates (Foundation Phase).

Mrs. Kistanna is assisted by Mrs. Tina Brooks.


Anelda Pretorius

Grade 2 Supervisor

Anelda Pretorius holds a B. Ed. Degree from the University of the Free State.

She comes from Delmas Christian School and feels that Destiny is the school to be at.

Anelda takes over from Mrs. Liversage who has decided to go on Pension after many years of service excellence here at Destiny.

Anelda is assisted by Miss. Nikita Pieterse.


Mrs. Alta Jones

Grade 3 Supervisor

Mrs. Jones a Diploma in Higher Education.

Mrs. Jones has now been with us for four years and two of her children attended school at Destiny C A.

Mrs Jones is assisted by Mrs. Melanie Brewis.


Our Intermediate Phase educators are all qualified educators in their fields.

The Monitors in these Grades are seasoned, well trained, and adequately qualified ACE trained assistants.

The Intermediate phase is a very important phase in a child’s life and we found that between the ages of 12 and 15 most developmental problems surface. This is when life-long character traits are formed.

We concentrate specifically on Biblical, ethical and social standards in this phase and the ACE curriculum is specifically designed to help students with their character building and traits.

Mrs. Alice Mutisi

Grade 4 Supervisor

Mrs. Alice Mutisi holds a BA ED degree, and an Advanced Senior Certificate in Education, and an Honours Degree in Education. She has an excellent abillity to teach the young ones and her teaching methods have shown great success.

Mrs. Mutisi is assisted by Mrs. Eleanor Wickens.


Rochelle Le Roux

Grade 5 Supervisor

Rochelle Le Roux has been an ACE student at Maranatha Christian School where she was the Deputy Head Girl in 2012. Rochelle served as a Monitor at Heritage Christian College since January 2013 and was appointed as a Supervisor on 1 October 2014.

Rochelle holds a ABET Certificate (Certificate in Adult Training – UNISA) and is SACE registered as such. She is a qualified Six-a-Side soccer and Volleyball referee. She is currently studying towards her B A Ed. at UNISA.

We look forward to a long working relationship with Rochelle.

Rochelle is assisted by Michell Ferreira.


Miss Sonette Keyser

Grade 6 Supervisor

In the Intermediary Phase, and specifically in Grade 6, we concentrate specifically on quality education in Mathematics and English as these are the most important areas for future FET studies and work-place interactions.

Miss. Keyser has lectured Chemistry, Sciences and Biology at Brakpan Educational Centre since January 2015. Sonette is also a Netball, Athletics and Table Tennis coach/umpire.

We have a classroom where group classes are given in all the subjects and where we do on-line training using DVD’s and other e-lecture material.
She is assisted by Mrs. Mary-Jane van Aswegen.

SECONDARY PHASE (Grades 8 & 9)

Mr. Frank Jerera, who holds a BSc. Honours degree in Economics, is supervising the Grade 8 and 9 classes (29 learners).

Mr. Jerera also holds an Advanced Certificate in Education and is SACE registered.

Mr. Jerera has been a lecturer at Denmak Training Services in Zimbabwe.

He has, until recently, been a lecturer at Taal Net Training Institute in Kempton Park, and at Oxford Combined College in Kempton Park.

He has special knowledge of Mathematics, Sciences and education in general. Mr Jerera is also one of our soccer coaches/referees.
He is assisted by Rose Lekgau, Precious Ndlovu and Devashinee Pillay.

The FET Group

In this phase we will make use of the GED curriculum and our students will from 2019, graduate with an INTERNATIONAL qualification issued in the United States of America. In this phase our students are familiarised with intensive self-study, numerous projects, and essays on social, political, religious and other relevant topics.

In this phase we follow the ACE PACE system and combine it with GED curriculum at the end of Grade 12. Project work. We will, as from September 2019, spend the last three months of the schooling year doing extensive studies and tuition of the GED Curriculum.

Mr. Ojonla Lekomo is our current FET Phase educator (Grade 10 to Grade 12).

He is a Cum Laude educator with Honours Degrees in Mathematics, Sciences, Business Economics and Accounting.

He will act as the ICCE/Cambridge First Line Marker for the FET Group. Mr. Lekomo is our senior soccer and seven-a-side rugby coach/referee.

Mr. Lekomo is currently assisted by Mrs. Blem.

In the FET phase we educate and prepare the students for life after school, and to get university entrance locally and/or globally.

Destiny is now, in 2019, implementing the GED Dip0loma as an Exit certificate for our Grade 12 students. We are, in conjunction with the AEE Head Office, striving to get the CE Certificate sanctioned and authorised by the SA Government, as a valid Exit certificate for our Grade 12 students from 2019. Should this be unsuccessful, we will be following the GED curriculum as described above.

This is where our fully equipped Science and Biology Laboratories are necessary to train the students and to expose them to the elements and realities of nature and the outside world.

Destiny Sciences and Biology Laboratories

Our Sciences Laboratory was recently inaugurated by Professor Arotiba and three of his students from the Applied Sciences Department of the University of Johannesburg. We have a fully equipped Sciences Laboratory and a fully equipped Biology Laboratory.

Destiny Computer Center

Our computer Centre is managed by Mrs. Francis Oosthuizen.

She has many years of ACE experience and IT is her specialty. She owned an Inter Net Cafe in George (Cape) before joining us in 2015.

She has recently acquired a Diploma in Coral Draw and will present this course to our students from 2017. She is also our Chess coach.

We teach our students the SkillsPro curriculum and they are all certificate holders for Windows, Word, Excel Coral Draw, and other computer programs when they graduate from our school.


We have an Afrikaans educator that teaches Afrikaans for the Secondary Phase and FET students on a daily basis. Ms. Zeta Venter is currently our Afrikaans teacher.

She also lectures Afrikaans for the Intermediate Phase students on a weekly basis in addition to their PACE work.

Ms. Venter holds a BA Ed (FET) degree through the University of Johannesburg. She also holds a Certificate in Professional Cookery and a Certificate in Occupational Emergency Care. She served as a lecturer at the University of Johannesburg before she joined Destiny C A.

Ms. Venter is SACE registered.

Administrative / Office Assistants

Mrs. Caroline Magistrado

Administrative Assistant



Office Receptionist